Why Two Tokens?

BE has two tokens because people are different and have different needs.

Both tokens are capped at 4 million, preventing inflation and limiting supply.

You can buy both tokens either from the website or on the Waves exchange (DEX)


BE Growth is for people who want to follow in Bitcoin's (BTC) shoes and see the value of the token grow from zero to the Target Price.  The tokens are discounted, 40,000 being released at each diminishing discount.  E.g. 40,000 at 99% discount to the Target Price, 40,000 at 98% discount and so on until all tokens are sold.

BE Classic is for people who want to assurance that all tokens have been sold at the Target Price.  This may initially limit the liquidity on the Waves exchange, but it means that all token holders have the incentive to trade at or close to the Target Price.

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